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Do you have diabetes? Come to your one-stop-source for diabetes supplies and so much more! There is no other diabetes supply center for hundreds of miles that can even come close to rivaling ours. Our selection is so large that we supply all of North America and are known internationally as the major diabetic supply and diabetes information site / provider Diabetic Drug Store. Everything from strips and lancets to a huge selection of sugar-free foods and recipes, you'll find it all right here. And when you're ready to learn more about the condition, come take a look at our own Diabetes Tool Box created from our compounding pharmacist H.B. "Rick" Pack R.Ph the Diabetes Expert. He'll help you to lower your risks for long-term problems, and to make your condition more manageable. Make an appointment to review the Diabetes Tool Box today!

If you, or anybody you know, has Diabetes. You definitely want to visit your area's only one-stop source for diabetes supplies (and so much more)! There is no other diabetes supply center for hundreds of miles that can even come close to rivaling Diabetic Drug Store' , and it's delivered to your door almost immediately. Every single diabetes-related item you could ever want is right here at Diabetic Drug Store

You'll find:

  • Healthy diabetic foods
  • Hard-to-find sugar-free candy

Medical alert jewelry An assortment of sugar free cookies, cakes (mixes & frostings, too), chocolates, jams, fudge

You name it, we probably have it!

Juvenile diabetes products

You'll be amazed at the huge selection of diabetic foods. We' sampled all kinds of diabetic food for the diabetic diet, selected only the best, and brought them together in one place for easy shopping. These are THE best-tasting sugar-free foods on the market today, and they' guaranteed to make meal-planning for the diabetic diet easier. In fact, they're guaranteed to be the very best, period- every single item comes with our 100% Patient Satisfaction Seal..

Plus specialty diabetes coaching with our  H.B. "Rick" Pack R.Ph through our Diabetes Tool Box - your diabetes information site You can get a complete education on blood sugar monitoring, diet, lifestyle- whatever parts of the puzzle you need most to lower your risks for long-term problems. Make an appointment to see your Diabetes Tool Box now. You see, diabetes management is more than just control of blood glucose. You must also manage blood pressure and cholesterol, and learn ways to reduce your chance for premature heart attacks and stroke, the cause of death for two out of every three people with diabetes.

When you' ready to learn more about Diabetes, go visit the Diabetes Tool Box, It's from you expert on diabetes H.B. "Rick" Pack R.Ph.

You can get a complete education on blood sugar monitoring, diet, and lifestyle- or whatever parts of the puzzle you most need to know to lower your risks for long-term problems.



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